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As an employer you have a duty of care to ensure that all of your storage equipment i.e pallet racking, cantilever racking, shelving and mezzanine flooring is maintained and inspected on a regular basis.
All Pallet Racking is required to have regular annual inspections and be in efficient working order, under the current legislation from Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

A full racking safety inspection from SHS Racking & Shelving will provide you with a comprehensive written & photographic report based upon manufacturers specification detailing the condition and capacity of your racking & shelving, paying particular attention to your installation's beams, uprights, frame bracing, floor fixings and lock-in clips, possible deviation from the original design requirements and general housekeeping.  A photographic record and list of areas damaged requiring attention will be included within the report.

The inspection will be carried out in line with manufacturers specification and SEMA (Storage, Equipment, Manufacturing Association) recommendations and comment on additional procedures and conditions relevant to safety with regard to the racking & shelving i.e. load notices that are missing, incorrect storage and advice and recommendation on ways to prevent further damage

Any damage or misuse which could prove dangerous will be brought to your attention immediately.

We offer a totally independent Rack Inspection Service.

We do not repair, or maintain storage racks and make no money out of repairs so there is absolutely no conflict of interest.

Pallet rack inspections are a legal requirement under Health and Safety Legislation. A technical competent person should carry out inspections at intervals of not more than 12 months. A written report should be submitted to the PRRS with observations and proposals for any action necessary.

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